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Helen Joseph Hospital

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Helen Joseph Hospital

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Latitude -26.1835° S 26.1835° S 26° 11' 0.6" -26° 11.01'
Longitude 27.9900° E 27.9900° E 27° 59' 24" 27° 59.4'
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Perth Road
South Africa
Phone No.
011 489 1011
If calling from outside South Africa: +27 11 489 1011

Fax No.
011 489 0666
If calling from outside South Africa: +27 11 489 0666

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Helen Joseph Hospital has 10 comment/s

On 22 Sep 2011 Roger Worth said:
Dear Sir / Madam, Please can you help me ? I only wish to know if a lady by the name of Beatrice Morgan ( Dogan ), aged 29, was an employee of yours. She says she was a Medical Assistant at your hospital and recently left to move to Ghana to be with her Mum.
She said she was living with her Aunt at Kruin Street, off Herman Road, Harmelia, Germiston.
I understand and respect employees confidentiality. I only wish a yes or no answer if she was an employee, this will help me know if she is genuine.
I really appreciate your help.
Yours sincerely, Roger Worth ( England )

On 08 Nov 2011 Mamello Kakola said:
Good Morning

I hereby request for assistance in the following:

If there are vacant posts for cleaners may you kindly send them to my e-mail:

I have been trying to search for them on the website but they do not appear.

Your assistance will be highly appreciated in this regard.

Kind regards

On 14 Nov 2011 roberta Brooks said:
I need to have an abortion, what are the procedures I have to follow at helen joseph hospital? Please get back to me as soon as possible as this is urgent. Thanks

On 10 Jan 2012 jenny said:
hope some 1 can help , i need to rent the houses that are behind the hospital , need to revamp and clean it up who should i contact .they say the 4/5 houses belong to helen joseph .


On 26 Jan 2012 milda marx said:
Good Day,
I am 21 years of age, matriculated with Maths and biology and am very interested in becoming a nurse. please can you point me in the right direction by sending me the contact details os the person/Departmrnt concerned that wikk be able to furnish me with further information.
Thanking you with kind regards,
Milda Marx

On 31 Jan 2012 Alison said:
Good day,

Please can you assist me with this relevant query?
I would like to know if the nurses at the Helen Joseph Hospital are infact Registered Nurses and if the "Doctors" are qualified physicians?

The medical errors and fatalities have become a regular occurance for this hospital.
Therefore it is only natural and obvious that one will begin to speculate what type of people are running this hospital. Which then brings to mind, what on earth is happening to the TAXPAYERS money?

On 09 Feb 2012 Ekamwendo said:
i hereby request for assistance in the following:

If there are vacant posts for Medical technologist (pathology) may you kindly send them to my

I have been trying to search for them on the website but they do not appear.

Your assistance will be highly appreciated in this regard

Kind regards

On 27 Feb 2012 Moradeke Adegelu said:
Hi, please my husband is interested in nursing. He is a graduate of Agric Managements in Nigeria. I have been operated in Helen joseph hospital in 2009 and i suggest this hospital to him. Please, how do we go about the admission? what time should we apply.


On 14 Nov 2012 Mary Tsintarakis said:
I wish to thank the staff of word 19 for the professional nursing care I received on the 8th November 2012 to the 12th November 2012.

On 11 Mar 2013 Nadia said:
I really would appretiate it if you can help me with any info regarding births of the date 1 may 1983.
There was a lady with the name of Monica Wilhelmina Labuschagne there to give birth to a baby girl.
I highly respect the work that you guys are doing, just bear that in mind.
It is really very important for me to know anything.

Kind regards
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