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topPlak Tracker Description
Plak Tracker is a simple tracking app for Android mobile devices. It has specifically been written to be compatible with versions of Android from (and including) 2.2 to 4.1.1. This means that Plak Tracker should work on all Android mobile devices running either Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb or IceCreamSandwich.

Plak Tracker allows anyone with an Android mobile device (that has a built-in GPS) and an active Plak account (registration on the Plak website is totally free of charge, and you can register here), to track, in "real time," their physical location and moments.

Each Plak account allows for an unlimited number of Plak Tracker devices. i.e. You might have a single active account on the Plak website, but might want to track the location and movements of six different individuals - The Plak Tracker app will allow you to do just this.

All of the location and movement data is private! i.e. Only you will be able to see the information when you log into your Plak account.

How it works

Every 30 seconds, when the Plak Tracker service is running, it attempts to get a GPS fix on the current location of the mobile device. GPS fixes that claim to have an accuracy of less than 50 meters are stored in a local database, and other GPS fixes are discarded (due to the fact that they are likely to be inaccurate).

Once every five minutes, when the Plak Tracker service is running, the mobile device will attempt to upload any stored location data to the Plak server. If for any reason the upload fails, location data will be retained in the mobile device, and it will try again in another five minutes time.

To view location information that has been uploaded to the Plak server, you simply log into the Plak website, and all tracker information, associated with your Plak account, will automatically be display on the Plak home page.

Please note that ONLY the latest 100 locations, for each device, are stored by the Plak server.


Obviously privacy is a serious concern, and while the owners of the Plak website will do everything in their power to protect your privacy, it is impossible to guarantee. It is therefore highly recommended that no personally identifiable information be associated with your Plak account, or with any data uploaded by Plak Tracker. i.e. For device IDs, DO NOT use real names, vehicle registration numbers, phone numbers, or accurate descriptions.

We certainly do not want anyone becoming another crime statistic, so please think about and protect your own privacy!

Deleting data

Due to the fact that data collected by Plak Tracker might very well be sensitive, you are able, at any time, to delete all of the tracking data stored on the Plak server. Simply log into the Plak website, go to your "My Plak" page, and click the Kill Tracker Data button. Deleting your tracker data is an irrevocable action, and your data CAN NOT be recovered!

topPlak Tracker Installation
You can install the Plak Tracker Android app, from Google Play, by clicking this link: -

topPlak Tracker Settings
settings.pngPlak Tracker has only three settings, and will not work until they have been set.

Device ID

Because it is possible for a single Plak account to have multiple tracking devices connected to it, each one of those devices requires a unique ID. Without a unique ID, all of your tracking data would become mixed up, and you'd not be able to distinguish one lot of tracking data from the other.

The value of the device ID is entirely up to you! Please ensure that you DO NOT use an ID that is personally identifiable, like a vehicle registration number or a real name.

As an example, you might want to track three different drivers. They each have a mobile Android device with Plak Tracker installed on it. You could set the device ID for each device as "Driver 1" (without the quotation marks), "Driver 2" and "Driver 3". When you log into the Plak website and view the tracking data associated with your account, you would see three distinct sets of data, each with its own route polygon.

User ID

The user ID is the number associated with your Plak Account.

You can get your user ID by logging into the Plak website, and clicking the My Info button on your My Plak page. The user ID id displayed at the top of the page.


The password is the same password that you use to log into the Plak website. If you change your password on the Plak website, you will also have to change the password on each device that runs Plak Tracker.

topRunning Plak Tracker
icon.pngTo run the Plak Tracker app on your Android device, click the Plak Tracker icon.

To start the Plak Tracker service, click the Start Tracking button. If the required settings have not been set, or the Plak Tracker service is already running, the Start Tracking button will be inactive.

When the Plak Tracker service starts, it attempts to connect to the Plak server. It also attempts to verify the set user ID and password. If either of these verifications fail, the Plak Tracker service will not start.

After verifying a connection to the Plak server, and after verifying the user ID and password, any locally stored tracking data, that hasn't already been uploaded to the Plak server, will be uploaded.

sb.pngAn icon, like the one shown on the left, will be displayed on the Android status bar to indicate that the Plak Tracker service is running. The Plak Tracker service runs in the background of the Android device, and it will continue to run, even if the Plak Tracker app is closed. It should also continue running, even if the Android device switches off its screen to save power.

To stop the Plak Tracker service, run the Plak Tracker app, and click the Stop Tracking button. Stopping the Plak Tracker service will immediately stop all attempts by the device to communicate with the Plak server, and it will immediately stop all attempts to obtain a location fix from GPS satellites. Any data, stored locally, that hasn't been uploaded to the Plak server, will be retained and will be uploaded when the service is restarted.

Changes to Plak Tracker settings are not allowed while the Plak Tracker service is running. To change any settings, first stop the Plak Tracker service, save the new settings, and then restart the Plak Tracker service.

Uninstalling the Plak Tracker app will cause the Plak Tracker service, if it is running, to stop. Uninstalling the Plak Tracker app will also cause all locally stored data to be lost.

topReporting bugs
If you find any bugs, please report them so that they can get fixed.

You can report bugs on the Plak Facebook page

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