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Sarah Fox Children's Hospital

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The Sarah Fox Children's Convalescent Hospital is a 60-bed facility based in Silvertown, Cape Town. It serves as the only convalescent hospital available to children in the Western Cape.

The hospital aims to provide professional care necessary to allow full recovery once the critical stage of the illness has been treated. The main conditions treated at the hospital include burns, HIV/Aids, tuberculosis, kwashiorkor, marasmus, motor vehicle accidents, effects of malnutrition, surgery, trauma, gastro-enteritis and non-accidental illnesses.

More recently, children have been referred to Sarah Fox Hospital not only for medical reasons, but simply because they have no other place to go. The number of abandoned children and children coming from socially unfit backgrounds are on the increase.

Sarah Fox Childrens Hospital

topLocation/Address/Phone No./Fax No.
GPS Coordinates Decimal Decimal Deg Min & Sec Deg & Decimal Min
Latitude -33.9674° S 33.9674° S 33° 58' 2.64" -33° 58.044'
Longitude 18.5343° E 18.5343° E 18° 32' 3.48" 18° 32.058'
Petunia Road
Western Cape
South Africa
Phone No.
021 637 1302
If calling from outside South Africa: +27 21 637 1302

Fax No.
No fax number available

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For more information, please see the website

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