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Pomfret is a desert town, the site of an old asbestos mine, on the edge of the Kalahari desert in northwest South Africa. It is the administrative centre of Molopo Local Municipality. Many of its inhabitants are former members of 32 Battalion, also known as Buffalo Battalion. These soldiers were predominantly black Angolans who were used by the South African government to help fight South Africa’s wars in Angola and Namibia, and after the end of the South African Border War to police the black townships.

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Latitude -25.8171° S 25.8171° S 25° 49' 1.56" -25° 49.026'
Longitude 23.5334° E 23.5334° E 23° 32' 0.24" 23° 32.004'
North West
South Africa
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No phone number available

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No fax number available

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