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Mpofu Nature Reserve

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Mpofu offers the nature tourist the choice of four different accommodations. The lodges are renovated old farm houses and the trail hut was built for the purpose of providing accommodation for hikers. The lodges also offers a live-on-the-premises housekeeper who will spoil any housewife who wants a rest from her daily housekeeping tasks.

Mpofu Nature Reserve

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Latitude -32.6010° S 32.6010° S 32° 36' 3.6" -32° 36.06'
Longitude 26.5746° E 26.5746° E 26° 34' 28.56" 26° 34.476'
Eastern Cape
South Africa
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No phone number available

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No fax number available

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Safari Garden Centre
Safari Garden Centre (Website)

The nursery where there is almost anything you might need. Safari Garden Centre hosts many garden shows and aims to please the customer.

There is a tea garden / Restaurant perfect for weddings, corporate meals, or just a lovely dining out. The play area for children is home to a variety of small farm animals and is in a secure environment with a sand pit and jungle gym. Entrance to the play area is free. Pony rides are often available at the kiosk for the younger ones.
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