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Voting Station
Swartklip Mine C Hostel (86990147)

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Voting Station Name: Swartklip Mine C Hostel (86990147)

Province:North West
Municipality:NW375 - Moses Kotane
Voting district:86990147

Swartklip Mine C Hostel (86990147)

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GPS Coordinates Decimal Decimal Deg Min & Sec Deg & Decimal Min
Latitude -24.9793° S 24.9793° S 24° 58' 45.48" -24° 58.758'
Longitude 27.1413° E 27.1413° E 27° 8' 28.68" 27° 8.478'
Swartklip Mankwe
North West
South Africa
Phone No.
No phone number available

Fax No.
No fax number available

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Kruger Park - Sirheni
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'Sirheni' is a Tsonga word that means 'cemetery', after a type of elephant graveyard at a site near to the camp. Sirheni Bushveld Camp nestles on the edge of the Kruger National Park's northern plains within the Mopane veld of the region. The Sirheni Dam, on the Mphongolo River, lies next to the camp. The accommodation facilities and the camp's two bird hides overlook the dam and a wide variety of game and birds are attracted to it. Visitors have been awakened to the sounds of lion and hyena, as there are often kills at the dam. Sirheni has a resident leopard that is seen on a regular basis, often coming down to drink at the dam.
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