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Voting Station
Mbabalane Junior Secondary School (11640316)

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Voting Station Name: Mbabalane Junior Secondary School (11640316)

Province:Eastern Cape
Municipality:EC154 - Port St Johns
Voting district:11640316

Mbabalane Junior Secondary School (11640316)

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GPS Coordinates Decimal Decimal Deg Min & Sec Deg & Decimal Min
Latitude -31.5720° S 31.5720° S 31° 34' 19.2" -31° 34.32'
Longitude 29.3399° E 29.3399° E 29° 20' 23.64" 29° 20.394'
Mbabalane Locality Machibi A/a Port St Johns
Eastern Cape
South Africa
Phone No.
No phone number available

Fax No.
No fax number available

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