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Nu-Shifa Hospital

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Nu-Shifa Hospital is a private 77 bed, community based general medical & surgical hospital. Nu-Shifa Hospital is situated in the heart of Sydenham, Asherville, Overport & Clare Estate and is just a stone's throw away from the CBD.

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GPS Coordinates Decimal Decimal Deg Min & Sec Deg & Decimal Min
Latitude -29.8308° S 29.8308° S 29° 49' 50.88" -29° 49.848'
Longitude 30.9850° E 30.9850° E 30° 59' 6" 30° 59.1'
482 Randles Road
South Africa
Phone No.
031 240 5000
If calling from outside South Africa: +27 31 240 5000

Fax No.
086 635 0262
If calling from outside South Africa: +27 86 635 0262

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Nu-Shifa Hospital has 19 comment/s

On 09 Nov 2010 Allaina Govender said:
My Name is Allaina Govender.

I have completed my tertiary education at University of Kwazulu Natal-Howard College. I have a bachelors degree in nursing.

I am currently doing my community service at RK Khan's Hospital in Chatsworth as a professional nurse.

My community service ends on 31 December 2010.

I am looking for a vacancy as a Professional nurse.

Could you please send me the revelant details as to whom I may make contact regarding vacancies or if you can help.
Thanking you in advance

Allaina Govender


031 5781367


On 09 Nov 2010 Allaina Govender said:
My Name is Allaina Govender.

I have completed my tertiary education at University of Kwazulu Natal-Howard College. I have a bachelors degree in nursing.

I am currently doing my community service at RK Khan's Hospital in Chatsworth as a professional nurse.

My community service ends on 31 December 2010.

I am looking for a vacancy as a Professional nurse.

Could you please send me the revelant details as to whom I may make contact regarding vacancies or if you can help. I got your email address from the hospital's website

Thanking you in advance

Allaina Govender


031 5781367

On 31 Mar 2011 F.Kader said:
The most ridiculous hospital ive been to.

On 19 May 2011 kimi sonny said:
i am looking for community service whom may i contact.

On 09 Jul 2011 farhana rawat said:
i am an enrolled nursing assistant, employed at ethekwini hospital and heart centre. Im working in surgical ward 2 for 3 yrs. I have previously worked, in maternity, paeds, medical wards. Im am looking a post in your hospital. I have relocated, and now living in overport. your consideration wil be highly appreciated

On 12 Jul 2011 nalain said:
try getting prices

On 19 Jul 2011 Anonymus said:
I hereby declare a complaint concerning the way the doctors and nurses should carry out they work conduct.The complaint i have is that i was admited at Nu-Shifa hospital,and at the begining of the treatment for a querie on swine flu,they ask you to fill in an application form,with personal details,my main concern is that they asked me what i was alergic to,still taking that into consideration,after being discharged i came to realise that an allergy has broken out from the medication they where giving to me.I just would like to say that the doctors and nurses should be more professional in the way they go about doing they job.

On 09 Sep 2011 Kerusha Naidoo said:
Hi my name is Kerusha Naidoo im 21 years of age. I just qualified as an enrolled nurse and looking for employment. I trained through Life college Kzn an completed my pratical hours at Life Chatsmed Garden Hospital. If any posts are available please inform me on e-mail at

On 06 Oct 2011 Jessica Pillay said:
Hi, I am going to be delivereing my baby at the end of November at Shifa. I pls can you provide me with the list of thigs I need for baby and myself.


On 20 Oct 2011 Candice said:
I personally do not like the hospital. My granny was in there for a month.We had asked the nurses if she had any bed sores and they had told us that there was one but it was small.They mentioned that they were treating it. When my gran passed away recently , and as custom we went to bath her and only when we turned over we were shocked with the size of her bedsore. My opinion is that the nurses did not take good care of her and that is why she had developed it. Sometimes i wonder if they are doing it for the sake of doing it ,because it doesnt seem like they doing it for the love of their patients.It shocked us about the size of her sore and i sometimes wonder if that killed her.

On 20 Oct 2011 candice said:
Some of the doctors are extremely unprofessional and have no way of talking to the families. The nurses as well are not prepared to even give a little feedback on the patients condition. We understand it is there job to look after the patient , but its also their duty to inform the families of their condition. It was once a hospital that progressed excellent results and now I would never trust my life in there.The amount of people that pass away scares me because to me it just shows that their is no hope when you go there. But alot of families are greatful to those few nurses who work their best and treat the patients as if they were their own families.

On 04 Nov 2011 Nashreen said:
Good day to you, I am querying about vacancies in admin and finance. I have worked in private hospital administration for over 6 years, however due to relocation I am in need of a job placement. I have excellent knowledge on the management of an administrative office from admission to month end run. I have great knowledge of icd 10 and cpt coding. I am hoping I do receive a response. Kindly reply to my e-mail should any vacancy arrive. Many thanks

On 19 Dec 2011 Helen Stapelfeldt said:
Have read a story in the You magazine about a lady Rheumatologist who treated a patient.
My daughter lives in New Zealand, and has the same symptom, as the young lady in the article of the You magazine. Is it possible to give us a name of the doctor, so we can contact her and see if she can maybe give us the name of someone in NZ, or alternatively is my daughter can come here to consult with her.
Many hanks

On 27 Dec 2011 Anastasia said:
Hi there i will be giving birth July 2012 and would like to do so at Shifa hospital. I will be paying cash for my delivery and would like to know how much i can expect to pay. I would also like a list of gynecologists that consults at the hospital. This information would be highly appreciated. Thank you

On 09 Jan 2012 B. D. Radebe said:
A huge disappointment.On behalf of my wifeI phoned Nu Shifa hospital at phone no.0861208881 today at about 10:30am inquiring about a doctor. The Switchboard was curt when informing me that there was no such doctor at Shifa hospital.My wife thereafter asked me to phone again and request the name of any orthopedic doctor at the hospital as she wanted to phone and make an appointment.When I phoned again the Switchboard, a female,upon recognising my voice as the person she had just spoken to never gave me a chance to say what I was going to say but direspectfully hung up on me.

This kind of rude behaviour is totally unacceptable. Shifa is an institution which prides itself in the excellent service it has rendered to the people of Durban over the years.It would ba a pity if one bad element in the form of a disrespectful employee would be allowed to tarnish the good name built overyears of good service.

On 06 Nov 2012 Sireeka said:
Hi, I had a baby in Nu-Shifa hospital in 2006, and i must commend the nurses. As it was my first time, the nurses and staff of the hospital was absolutely excellent with me. The treatment and care not to mention love and support i received from maternity ward nurses was great. I am now pregnant with my second baby and have personally opted to deliver at Nu-Shifa once again. I recently visted the hospital after the new facelift and found it to be superb. I myself was born at Shifa some 30 years back and so has alot of the kids in my family. This hopital is priced right and very decent to go to.

On 12 Jan 2015 kevin said: wife is about 14 weeks pregnant, and is due in 30 July 2015.we are doing the labour cash. How much will it cost. And is there a package deal.
Thank you

On 14 Apr 2015 Sujith Bithan said:
Hi My name is Sujith male 36 years old. i would like to know if there is any vacancy at the hospital as a driver. I have code 8 drivers licence. I reside in Bonela Durban.

Please contact me on 0834952953 or alternatively respond to my email for a interview.

Many thanks

Sujith Bithan

On 03 Feb 2016 Jabu said:
Please provide Nu Shifa hosital visiting hours on your website.

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