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Most Popular Plaks
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AttractionsSteynsrusMedicalDis-Chem - Woodmead
EducationalHopeville Primary SchoolShoppingPick 'n Pay Hypermarket - Steeledale
AttractionsJohannesburg Park StationVoting StationDilikile Junior Secondary School (11591131)
EducationalHaakdoorn Primary SchoolShoppingPick 'n Pay Hypermarket - Wonderpark
LodgingKruger Park - OrpenVoting StationMandela School Of Science & Technology (11631631)
Voting StationEastwood Community Hall (43950180)Voting StationMatamela Primary School (76210714)
Voting StationTredsom Road Camp (76530146)Voting StationScheepersrust Primary School (43690776)
EducationalJim Fouche Primary SchoolShoppingPick 'n Pay - Tokai
LodgingKruger Park - MopaniLodgingKruger Park - Letaba
LodgingKruger Park - Punda MariaShoppingCapitec - Pretoria Sunnypark


Kruger Park - Biyamiti
Kruger Park - Biyamiti (Website)

On the banks of the Mbiyamiti river, hidden by Delagoa thickets, nestles one of the most beautiful bushveld camps in the Kruger National Park. The camp is ideally situated between huge Wild Fig and Jackalberry trees with vast numbers of other fauna and flora species in abundance. The area is a game spotter's dream come true.
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